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    ACHIEVE 180, launched in the 2017-18 school year, is a research-based action plan to support, strengthen, and empower underserved and underperforming HISD feeder pattern communities. In order to increase student achievement, best practices from successful school turnaround initiatives – including effective teachers, strong principal leadership, and an environment of high expectations for both students and staff – are incorporated into the plan.

    Six guiding pillars provide the strategic framework for the transformational work being done at 36 schools within and throughout targeted feeder patterns. The pillars include: leadership excellence, teaching excellence, instructional excellence, school design, social and emotional learning support, and family and community empowerment. ACHIEVE 180 is expected to impact nearly 2,000 teachers and over 30,000 students and their families.


  • Family & Community Empowerment family and community members are partners in education

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  • Teaching Excellence an effective team of teachers
    at every school

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  • School Design a school day and school
    environment designed for student progress and achievement

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  • Social & Emotional Learning Support a menu of social and emotional supports tailored to each campus and community

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  • Leadership Excellence a highly effective principal
    in every school

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  • Instructional Excellence an effective, aligned, differentiated,
    and rigorous lesson in every classroom

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  • Twelve campuses are receiving increased support from district leadership and centralized assistance from various departments.

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Demonstrate 180


    Demonstrate A180 pairs Achieve 180 schools with a similar demographic campus within the district that has either continuously met standards over the course of several years or with a campus that has demonstrated continuous gains from an improvement-required status to meeting standards for at least two consecutive years. The demonstration school partnership is intended to build the capacity of school leaders and teachers, to improve schoolwide systems unique to each level of school, and to provide individualized campus support to the campus.

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