• Communicable Diseases Updates

  • The Houston Independent School District is closely monitoring active communicable disease viruses and is in contact with the Centers for Disease Control, Texas Department of State Health Services and Houston Health Department to ensure all students and staff members are safe and updated with the latest information.

    Our goal at HISD is to foster a caring, joyful, and challenging learning experience for every student, every day. That’s why your school is providing free COVID-19 testing to all students in partnership with the Houston Health Department.

    Testing is completely voluntary and requires parent/guardian consent first. You can be confident our school is safe, and free COVID-19 testing adds another layer of protection to our safety strategy. Free testing puts our student’s health first, it allows us to maximize learning in school and promotes equity by ensuring every student has access to testing if they want it and if you, as their parent/guardian, provide consent.

    • Who will be tested? We will offer testing to everyone who consents - all students and staff - even if they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19.
    • How is the testing done? The COVID-19 testing is free, quick, and easy. Trained medical professionals will conduct testing with a short, shallow nasal swab.
    • Where and when is the testing done? Our school’s testing site will be in a room or area large enough to accommodate an organized flow to testers in and out of the space. Testing will take place every two weeks. Test results will be available within 24-48 hours.
    • How can I be sure that my student’s information will be protected? Sharing of information about your student will only be done for public health purposes and in accordance with applicable law and policies protecting student privacy and the security of your student data.

    We are asking you to:

    We are extremely grateful to our families and staff who continue to show great flexibility and resilience as we work together to contain the spread of this virus.

  • Get tested Find out where students and staff can get free COVID-19 testing
  • Get vaccinated Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters, and where to get them.
  • View COVID-19 dashboard Get the latest number of cases by campus and across the district
  • HISD TeleHealth TeleHealth Services by Hazel Health

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • What are the guidelines for COVID-19 exposed, presumed, or confirmed positive individuals?

  • What happens if there is a confirmed or suspected communicable disease in my school?

  • What should families do if a student gets a communicable disease?

  • Will I be notified if there is a communicable disease case on my campus?

  • What are the guidelines for employees?

  • Could my school or building be closed?


  • What is the plan for the 2022-2023 school year?

  • Will uniforms be required this school year?

Safety Protocols

  • What safety protocols will be in place this year?

  • Is entry screening required?

  • Will my child be required to wear a mask while at school?

  • How often will schools be sanitized?

  • Will visitors be allowed on school campuses and other HISD facilities?

Technology & Online Resources

  • How do parents obtain technology for students?

  • Can I still use online resources provided last year?

Bus Service & Student Meals

  • How will bus service work this year?

  • How will student meals be provided this year?

  • Can schools/parent groups resume selling food on campus?

Academics and Extracurriculars

  • Will extracurricular and fine arts activities be allowed?

  • Will field trips be allowed?

  • Can my child participate in University Interscholastic League Athletics and Activities?

Special Education

  • Who qualifies for a TDLP?

  • How does a TDLP work?

  • Does a TDLP continue when a student with disabilities returns to school?

  • Are there any special considerations related to TDLP?

COVID-19 Testing Program

  • What is the COVID-19 Testing Program?

  • Why is our school testing for COVID-19?

  • How will the school protect privacy?

  • What is the consent process?

  • How soon after a parent/guardian of a minor gives consent can the student get tested?

  • What if a staff member or student has a consent form on file but they say they do not want to be tested that day?

  • What if a parent/guardian of a minor, a student aged 18 or above, or a staff member previously consented to testing but no longer wishes to participate in the program at all?

  • How will a student’s information be updated if they transfer schools?

  • How soon after the digital consent is completed can the student or staff member be tested?

  • A student without a consent form is at school and is showing symptoms of COVID, what can the school do?

  • How will the testing be done?

  • Is the test reliable?

  • How frequently will students and staff be tested?

  • When and where will the test be given?

  • Should our school nurse be the point of contact?

  • How will a student get from the classroom to testing if they were selected?

  • How will teachers, who cannot leave their classroom, be tested?

  • Will staff and students miss work or instruction time if they get tested?

  • How will staff, students, and/or parents/guardians of minors learn their test results?

  • When and how will results be available?

  • How will the school nurse learn of positive test results?

  • Why are results not immediate?

  • What if a student or staff member tests positive?

  • Will my school’s testing window change?

  • My next testing window falls on a HISD holiday or school closure day, what happens?

  • My school has a conflict during our next testing window, how do I proactively cancel?

  • Last updated: 08/19/2022

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