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    Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations is responsible for maintenance of all HISD facilities: Maintenance & Repairs, Energy & Sustainability, Facilities Finance & Accountability, Custodial Operations, Grounds Services & Support, Life Safety Systems & Technology (fire/burglar alarms, intercoms, card access), Code Compliance, Facility Rentals, Call Center & Data Support, Information Services and Constructon Services. From the opening of a request until its completion, FMO remains responsible for focusing on the customer and honoring our mission to place students first, keep them safe, and contribute to their success and achievement by managing the non-instructional aspects of the learning environment. 

  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Custodial Operations
  • Grounds Services & Support

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  • Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations Administration

    228 McCarty St., Bldg.22, Ste. 201
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