• Emma Villarreal
    Emma Villarreal

    Emma Villarreal—Texas Connections Academy

    Emma Villarreal received instruction at home and from schools in Midway ISD (Waco) before graduating from Texas Connections. She plans to pursue a degree in nutrition and exercise from Virginia Tech University using the full athletic scholarship (diving) she received. Villarreal enjoys riding bikes, watching movies, and spending time with friends. Her favorite subject is biology.

    Villarreal is a member of the National Honor Society. She has also been selected by USA Diving as a junior national team and Future Olympic Force member. She has been recognized many times over for her outstanding performance in gymnastics and diving, and she credits Texas Connections Academy for giving her the flexibility needed to compete at this level.



    Yasmeen Zubair
    Yasmeen Zubair

    Yasmeen Zubair—Texas Connections Academy

    Yasmeen Zubair plans to study biomedical engineering at the University of Texas using the Top Ten Percent and engineering program scholarships she has received. She received instruction at home before graduating from the Texas Connections Academy.

    Zubair is an Honor Roll student who has been active in the National Honor Society and has served as a peer tutor. She lists her favorite subject as English and some of her hobbies as traveling, photography, and volunteering at the library.