Boundary Option

Boundary Option Transfer

  • HISD residents in a limited number of school zones have a Boundary option to attend a designated relief school on a space available option. Other than address, there are no other qualifying criteria. The schools listed below can receive Boundary Option transfers from the designated schools listed below. The School Support Office will determine available space for Boundary Option transfers based upon school enrollment and building capacity. Once a student is accepted on a Boundary option they should be treated as any other zoned student. When the school has received more Boundary Options transfers than seats available, a Boundary Option Lottery will be held by the Office of School Choice.

    • Boundary Option to Pin Oak M.S. from Long M.S., Meyerland M.S., and Pershing M.S.
    • Boundary Option to West Briar M.S. from Revere M.S.
    • Boundary Option to Lamar H.S. from Wisdom H.S.
    • Boundary Option to Westside H.S. from Wisdom H.S.
    • Boundary Option to Mark White from Briargrove E.S., Emerson E.S., Pilgrim Academy, and Piney Point E.S.
    • Boundary Option to Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan for incoming 6th graders from Blackshear E.S, Lockhart E.S., and MacGregor E.S.
    • Boundary Option to Shadowbriar from Ashford E.S., Askew E.S., Bush E.S., Daily E.S., and Walnut Bend E.S.
  • Procedures for Applying:
    • Parent may obtain a Student Transfer Application from the school, apply though, or fill out a paper application form on the right hand side of this page.
    • Parent completes the transfer form requesting the transfer with “Boundary Option” as the reason for transfer.
    • Signature approval of receiving principal is not required.
    • If there are more applicants than spaces available, a lottery will be held by the Office of School Choice.
    • The completed signed transfer form is submitted to the Office of School Choice via email to for appropriate action.
    • All Boundary Option Lotteries will be held by the Office of School Choice.
    • Boundary Option Transfers may not be non-renewed. Parents may voluntarily return to their original zoned school.

Boundary Option Schools

Address: 4601 Glenmont Bellaire, TX 77401-2328
Phone: 713-295-6500 | 713-295-6511(fax)
Address: 10502 Briar Forest, Houston, TX 77042
Phone: 281-368-2140 | 281-368-2194(fax)
Address: 3325 WestheimerHouston, TX 77098
Phone: 713-522-5960713 | 535-3769(fax)
Address: 14201 Briar Forest Drive Houston, TX 77077
Phone: 281-920-8000281 | 920-8059(fax)
Address: 2515 Old Farm Road Houston, TX 77063
Phone: 713-556-6571 | 713-556-7497(fax)
Address: 2610 Elgin Houston, TX 77004-3202
Phone: 713-942-1932 | 713-942-1943 (fax)