• UIL Tournament
    October 29, 2016 
    Burbank's UIL Team accompanied by their coaches Ms. Weeks and Ms. Gascón
    Very early on Saturday morning, October 29, 2016, our UIL Team members made their way to Burbank's parking lot in anticipation of the first UIL Tournament of the year. It was the Saturday of an extremely active week for the young Eagles. There was the Homecoming Game, the Family Literacy Night, and the Halloween Dance all in the same week. So, exhausted but happy, our team made its way to Paul Revere Middle School on the west side of our city. They were accompanied by their coaches Ms. Christy Weeks and Ms. Patricia Gascón, as well as our Magnet Vanguard Coordinator Ms. Frances Cortina.
    Competition was tough, but our students did not get discouraged. We have a lot of members from the sixth grade who don't have much experience, so this tournament was very exciting and new. Some members won trophies and medals:
    8th Grade
    Dictionary Skills: Bhakti Patel, 5th place medal
    Number Sense: Gustavo Tristan, 6th place ribbon
    Impromptu Speaking: Javier Rodriguez, 3rd place Trophy
    Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Angel Elizondo, 6th place ribbon
    Social Studies: Angel Elizondo, 1st place Trophy 
    6th Grade
    Number Sense: Lili Trujillo, 5th place medal
    Spelling: Lili Trujillo, 5th place medal
    Social Studies: Jesse Lara, 5th place medal 
    Next November 19th will be the second tournament which will be held at De Bakey High School for Health Professions. We're sure the awards they won on this tournament will serve to whet their appetite for more!
    Photographs by Frances Cortina