Burbank Middle School- U.I.L. Champions

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I am pleased to announce that Burbank has won 1st place Sweepstakes for the HISD District Competition. 


We had several students who placed 1st and second. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. Charlotte Esquivel (6th grade) - 1st place in Ready Writing and Editorial Writing
  2. Alfredo Castro (6th grade) - 2nd in Dictionary Skills
  3. Yair Hernandez (6th grade) - 1st in Social Studies and Number Sense
  4. Yamilet WIlliams (7th grade) - 1st in Listening
  5. Angela Urbano (8th grade) - 1st in Number Sense and 3rd in Science
  6. Danilo Vialta (8th grade) - 1st in Chess Puzzle
  7. Natalie Castenada (8th grade) - 1st in Dictionary Skills

Our team made a few adjustments to different online platforms, competed completely virtual all year, overcame a couple of postponed or canceled tournaments, and worked with the UIL Academics department to make a successful year. 


I want to thank our students who really strived to make the best of a difficult situation and never gave up. I am looking forward to next year's competition with renewed enthusiasm!


Christy Weeks

Burbank Middle School Academic UIL Coordinator