• Pay Online

  • We now ONLY accept payments online, which will require you to legibly scan and email your enrollment form to vsdenrollments@Houstonisd.org.
    Title your email: NEW ENROLLMENT FOR (Student Name)
    ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Wednesday of every week
    Start Date: Monday of the following week
    Office Locations
    The Virtual School Department does not accept walk-Ins.  
    To be seen at the Virtual School Department in person, you must first secure an appointment and communicate with the department through email via vschool@Houstonisd.org. Payment and enrollment are no longer accepted by cash or money order. In addition, sending your enrollment form and payment through U.S Mail may result in delayed enrollment.



Virtual School Tuition Payment for High School Students

  • High school students must have the approval signature of their school guidance counselor, dean or principal before making a purchase.
    ⦁ Regular Non-AP Courses: Purchase Non-AP Courses
    ⦁ Advanced Placement Courses: Purchase AP Courses

Virtual School Tuition Payment for Adult Online Learners

Other Tuition and Fees


    Sometimes we need more time to complete our online courses, and requesting a course extension in a timely manner is a very responsible thing to do.   The course extension must be approved by your teacher; he or she knows your work pattern and many times a course extension may not be required. You online Teacher may allow up to an additional 10 days from the original course end date at no additional cost to you.

    The Virtual School Department offers two types of course extensions: 

    • 30 Days Course Extension – Available for students who need a few more weeks to complete the rest of their coursework and their final exam. This extension can be purchased up to two consecutive times. This must be requested at least a 10 days before the original course end date.

    • 10 week Course Reinstatement – Available for students who need to more time to complete their coursework and failed to request a 30 days extension before their original course end date. This is also required for students who abandon their course and do not log in or communicate with their teacher about their absences for more than 30 days.