PK Notification Day Next Steps

  • On June 1, 2020 lottery results from Phase 1 applicants will be visible to the public.  Non Tuition (TEA Eligible) Applicants that have received an offer will have until June 21, 2020 to make arrangements with the campus to accept an offer and schedule a language testing (if eligible for Non Tuition due to language). On June 1, 2020, TEA Eligible PK3 and Tuition (TEA Non-Eligible) PK4 applicants will be on a Tuition waitlist for the campus.  PK4 Tuition and TEA Eligible PK3 applicants will be eligible to receive offers on June 21, 2020 dependent on campus space availability and principal approval.  

    Note, that the Tuition waitlist is a separate waitlist from the Non Tuition (TEA Eligible) waitlist. For example, if a Tuition applicant is number one of the Tuition (TEA Non-Eligible) waitlist, there might be over a 100 students on Non Tuition (TEA Eligible) waitlist.  Please keep that in mind when reviewing the outcome of your child's lottery results.  A space available report for more details on campuses with space availability will be available on home page.

    *The PreK enrollment transfer type requires principal approval and that this decision is made at the campus level.