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  • Diana Lumm

    Diana Lum

    Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Spanish/Sr. Manager, Recruitment, and Selection/Houston ISD/Coaches and mentors aspiring teachers

  • Why I became a Mentor:

    I am a ROSES mentor because I want to make an impact on young women’s lives at a very critical point in their lives. I want the young woman at Milby High School to know that they have someone that supports them and guides them during their good and bad days. My goal is that when these young women graduate from high school they are ready to enter the real world and ready to start a career as the woman that recognize their worth and appreciate themselves.    

    Growing up I did not have someone that I called a mentor. I had friends that guided me on the right path, but I ask myself, “What would have happened if I didn’t grow up in a small town where there were not as many distractions as there is in a big city?”, “What would have happened if I would have picked the wrong friends that would have guided me in the wrong direction?”.  ROSES is an organization that is extremely special because of the impact it has on young women by providing them with a mentor!


    A mentor with the Resilient Outstanding Sisters Exemplifying Success (ROSES) acts as a positive role model and advocate for students who need guidance and opportunities for educational, social, and professional growth. The Resilient Outstanding Sisters Exemplifying Success (ROSES) aims to cultivate these areas of growth for students of color in the Houston Independent School District.
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    The ROSES Project has a variety of opportunities for engaging community partners. Community partnerships support comes in the form of grants, volunteerism, and in-kind resources. To learn more about how you can support ROSES, you can reach us via telephone at 713-556-8902 or email at roses@houstonisd.org. We look forward to furthering the discussion with you.
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