Winter Storm Resources Guide

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    Winter Storm Uri severely impacted our Houston community. This searchable list offers various resources such as water and food distribution, financial assistance, and other helpful information to help with the recovery efforts of our Houston Community. Please note that some of the information listed may be time-sensitive. The most recent added resources will appear towards the end of the document (Select All in the Resource Type Box, click the Submit button, scroll towards the bottom of the list and select the latest page(s) number.) We encourage you to confirm any related information with the listed organization.

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  • Advocacy
  • Eviction Legal Aid
  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Support
  • Food
  • Food Benefit
  • Food Distribution
  • Food/Hot Meals/Delivery
  • Food/Water
  • Food/Water Distribution
  • Home Delivery Service
  • Hot Meal Distribution
  • Hot Meals
  • Laundry Services
  • Pet Food/Supplies
  • Rental/Legal Assitance
  • School Supplies & Giveaway
  • Shelter/DV Support
  • Warming Shelter
  • Water Distribution
  • Water Stations
  • Water/Food