HISD Teacher Incentive Allotment

Campus Eligibility

  • To ensure the district’s success, HISD will begin by implementing TIA in its highest need schools in 2023-24 and will equitably expand eligibility over the next few years. 

Teacher Eligibility

  • TIA was established to recognize effective teachers on three different levels: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. Teachers can earn designations in two ways. First, National Board-Certified teachers are eligible to earn Recognized designation. Second, through a school system’s approved local designations system. These designations are valid for 5 years. Designation can generate annual allotment funding for the employing school system. Each designation starts with the base amount.  

  • Recognized $3-$9K
  • Exemplary $6-$18k
  • Master $12-$32K
  • Allotment funding depends on a campus’ level of need, with more funding going to rural and high needs campuses. At least 90 percent of the funds generated through TIA must go towards teacher compensation at the designated teacher’s campus. The approval process is multi-step and includes the submission of a system application to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and then a data validation process through Texas Tech University. 

    To be eligible to receive a designation, a teacher must be on an eligible campus and meet the following criteria: 

    • Hold an eligible certificate (Standard, Professional, and Provisional). 
    • Have a valid SBEC certificate.
      • Classroom Teacher (Chapter 233) 
      • Reading Specialist (Chapter 239) 
      • Legacy Master Teacher 
    • Be coded as 087 (Teacher) in the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) and compensated as a teacher. 
      • Must be coded as a teacher for 100% of the instructional day for at least 90 days OR 
      • Must be coded as a teacher for 50-99% of the instructional day for at least 180 days 
    • National Board-Certified Teachers will automatically receive a Recognized Designation. 

Designation Criteria

  • The Texas Education Agency requires the designation system to contain teacher observations and student growth measures but may also contain optional criteria such as student perception surveys or leadership roles. 

    State Required Criteria
    55% of students meet or exceed expected growth 60% of students meet or exceed expected growth 70% of students meet or exceed expected growth
    67th percentile in Teacher Observations 80th percentile in Teacher Observations 95th percentile in Teacher Observations
    Optional Criteria

    Student Surveys

    Parent Surveys

    Sponsor of Clubs/Orgs

    Tutorials or Other Extra Duties

    Additional Certifications

    Peer Mentorship

Implementation Timeline
Below is the implementation timeline for the HISD Local Designation System (LDS)
2022-23: Design & Pilot Year

The district designs the Local Designation System (LDS) and gathers input for the final system design. Select system components are piloted throughout the district.

2023-24: Early Implementation and Data Capture Year

The LDS is rolled out to eligible teachers at select campuses. This also serves as the data capture year.

Beginning in 2024-25: Expanded Teacher Eligibility

In future years, HISD will expand TIA eligibility to all teachers.


  • TEA Website

    Please see the TEA website for additional information regarding TIA funding allocations.