• Barnett – 713-845-5016 ~ Fax 713-845-5049 
    Rhonda Rogers, Supervisor
    Hillmon Thurston, Coordinator  

    Cowart/Pavilion/TJ Engram – 713-556-9646
    Latrease Beasley, Supervisor Fax 713-556-9646


  • Butler – 713-726-2125 ~ Fax 713-726-3675
    Darrell Ellison, Supervisor
    Jermaine Paul, Coordinator

    Delmar/Dyer – 713-556-4430 ~ Fax 713-556-6912
    Leslie Harris, Supervisor
    Brandon Pinzon, Coordinator

  • The Houston ISD Athletic Department will rent athletic facilities and parking lots at the sports complexes during periods of unscheduled district activities. Rental inquiries should be made at the individual sports complexes. All rentals are done at full price and are subject to approval of the Athletic Department. This application is an inquiry only and does not construe any obligation for the Athletic Department to rent a facility in whole or in part. After a rental has been approved, a binding legal contract will be executed with the respective rental party. The rental fee must be submitted 15 days before the scheduled rental is to occur. Rental is subject to cancellation for non-payment.
    Terms and conditions for all rentals will be reviewed with renting party before contract is executed. Proof of liability insurance is required for all rentals and HISD must be listed as co-insured.
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