Community Engagement

  • HISD launched its strategic planning process in August 2021, within weeks of Superintendent House’s first day in the district. Over the course of five months, we listened and learned to gather the perspectives of parents, students, teachers, principals and administrators, support staff, and other members of the Houston community. Through town hall meetings, focus groups, and surveys, we listened to learn what the district is doing well and what needs to be improved. What we heard from the community informed the superintendent’s priority areas.

    In addition to deep stakeholder engagement, the district focused on learning from data and research. This included a deep dive into data on school performance, student outcomes, human resources, operations, and finances. We consulted with education researchers and practitioners locally and nationally to understand how we could begin tackling some of the district’s most persistent challenges.

    In building the plan, members of HISD’s cabinet were designated to drive the work forward. These leaders were charged with collaborating to brainstorm big ideas, continually seeking feedback from teachers, administrators, and other staff, and planning out the resources and systems needed to implement bold solutions. As the plan began to take shape, we launched another round of stakeholder engagement. Through focus groups and community conversations, we listened for feedback to sharpen the work.

    We are confident that this strategic plan, over the course of five years, will address the challenges surfaced through our “Listen and Learn” activities, attain goals set by the board, and allow HISD to realize our potential and purpose.

  • 13 Listen & Learn Events
  • 3 Roundtable Events
  • 700+ Participants Overall
  • 50,000 Responses to Student & Parent Experience Survey
  • 6,000 Responses to Staff Experience Survey