Trust and Reliability for Our Families and Community

  • We commit to honesty, transparency, and reliability in order to build and strengthen trusting relationships with our stakeholders.

    As a school district, we have an absolute responsibility to earn the trust of families who choose to send their children to our schools. We must be good stewards of the community’s financial resources. In years past, leadership transitions, instances of financial impropriety, and a lack of clear communication have eroded public confidence in HISD. To regain trust, we must be intentional about engaging families and the community and operating with transparency and reliability.

    Family and Community Engagement: Everything we do as a district must be done alongside the community—from our efforts to transform schools to the way we engage with parents navigating the special education process. We recognize the need to streamline communications and build stronger relationships with parents and the community. We will create clear, easy pathways for parents to contact campus and district staff to gather information and address concerns. We’ll host listening sessions, build partnerships, and provide leadership development opportunities for parents across the district to ensure their voices inform and influence decision-making. Through our efforts, we will remain laser focused on providing “best-in-class” customer service to our community.

    Financial Responsibility and Transparency: HISD’s financial resources belong to the community. We must steward the community’s investment in our children and schools responsibly and with full transparency. To ensure every dollar spent achieves better student outcomes, HISD is partnering with a third party to conduct a thorough external review of the district’s finances and financial practices. The district will use those recommendations to build a robust financial infrastructure that will provide transparency, oversight, and sustainability, while removing barriers to innovation.

    Student-Centered Operations: We have heard the critical importance of reliable, responsible operations and school safety in building trust with communities. We will focus on improving business operations in HISD. It is our responsibility to pick up and deliver students to our schools every day. We will invest in an improved fleet of vehicles to provide better reliability and flexibility to support student achievement in every neighborhood. We will double down on efforts to ensure schools are designed and constructed to deliver safe, comfortable, and healthy environments that will stimulate student learning. Students must feel safe and be safe, and that begins with establishing relationships between parents, students, and staff.

    Students must be comfortable in reporting incidents that occur on campus or off campus. With the increase in school support and wraparound services, students will have a greater sense of well-being. The district will invest in facility upgrades and enhancements that will increase physical security. Our campus police will increase a positive presence and interactions with students. The district will increase outreach programs as part of their effort in reaching our students.