Equitable Opportunities and Resources at Every School

  • We commit to ensuring every school provides a quality student core experience that supports the development of the whole child. HISD’s decentralized structure—which gives campuses the ability to determine staff, extracurricular offerings, and other supports—has spurred innovation and cultivated leadership creativity; however, it has also led to inconsistent opportunities for students across the district. We will build a common vision and definition for HISD’s Core Student Experience and align resources and support to schools.

    Defining HISD’s Core Student Experience: We believe that great schools are joyful places that drive learning, ignite students’ passions, build confidence, teamwork, and leadership. We will define and fund essential positions and functions that guarantee a basic standard for student health, safety, and academic and non-academic well-being at every campus. This articulates the core experience that every student deserves and ensures every campus delivers on this experience, including having:

    • Highly skilled staff, including clear expectations for staff-to-student ratios for teachers, nurses, librarians, counselors/social workers, college and career advisors, and other critical positions
    • Supports for student well-being and mental health
    • Access to print and digital resources for learning
    • Fine arts, including visual and performing arts options
    • Athletic opportunities, equipment, and facilities
    • A variety of options for extra-curricular activities
    • Up-to-date technology
  • Resources for Success: To make this a reality for all students, we must ensure campuses have the right resources and support. We’ll establish and manage centralized budgets for fine arts, athletics, and academic extra-curricular activities so that students have access to these opportunities, regardless of which school they attend. We will also allocate additional resources through a weighted funding formula based on student characteristics that distributes resources to meet differentiated student needs. School leaders will be supported to leverage resources effectively, including assistance on campus budgeting, coordination of community partnerships, and technology services.