Great Schools in Every Neighborhood

  • We commit to accelerating student performance through bold, innovative, and effective actions at persistently underperforming schools and expanding access to quality choice options for students.

    Each child, every family, every community should have a quality home school and options for pursuing special interests. It will be the combination of these two principles that will make HISD a system of excellent educational opportunities, offering each student a chance to attend the school that is the best fit for current and future success.

    We’ll work as one team, unified in our goal of ensuring every HISD student has access to a great school in their neighborhood while also having options to pursue special interests.

    District Conditions for Bold Change: Prioritizing the most underperforming schools, district-level leaders will establish the systems and structures needed to rapidly advance bold change. A newly established transformation office will partner with schools and other district leaders to employ a tiered system of support, coordination, and strategic deployment of resources. We will increase responsiveness and tailor solutions to help schools solve for their most pressing challenges. We will actively monitor implementation, codify, and replicate success district wide. 

    Highly Skilled, Effective AND Passionate Staff: A targeted and intense talent strategy will be employed in the most challenged schools to reverse underperformance. We’ll identify, recruit, and incentivize the most passionate, committed, and effective educators who demonstrate specialized competencies to serve in schools with the greatest needs. We will also adopt a professional learning approach that broadens and elevates leadership capacity at each campus to deepen impact and sustainability of change. 

    Resources to Accelerate Student Learning: In order to accelerate learning in our most underperforming schools, we must increase our investment into the things that matter most and distribute resources equitably. We will prioritize, allocate, and use resources – people, time, and money – to create school experiences that enable students to reach empowering, rigorous learning outcomes.

    Expand Learning Opportunities: Students in the most underperforming schools will have prioritized access to more experiences that motivate and inspire them. We will increase student opportunities to learn both inside the classroom and beyond. Increasing field trips, participation in advanced placement courses, and after-school programming will be core components of ensuring students experience success both now and in the future.

    Reimagine and Broaden Choice Options: HISD has a wealth of magnet options that provide a signature theme or program that provides unique educational opportunities designed to engage students’ interests and talents, but these programs are not easily accessible to all families. We must also ensure current programs meet a standard of excellence that delivers on high academic standards and the innovative curriculum that was intended. We will remove barriers for families to make it easier to enroll in and attend choice programs by addressing timeliness, fairness, transparency, and equitable access. We will also work to better understand and meet the demand for new speciality programs, particularly in areas of the city where these options are currently not available.