High-Quality Teaching and Learning in Every Classroom

  • We commit to providing every student in the district a consistent academic experience, regardless of the school they attend.

    Great teaching and learning are central to our mission of preparing students for the future. We must ensure our students are taught by highly trained teachers using instructional materials that are at the appropriate grade level and challenge all students. 

    High Quality Reading and Math Curriculum: We will invest in reading and math curriculum, from pre-K through 12th grade, that is based on research and designed to engage students learning at all levels. We’ll pilot the curriculum at a set of schools in the 2022-2023 school year before expanding across the district in 2023-2024 and beyond.

    Expanded Access to Fine Arts Programs: Fine arts programs strengthen our students’ understanding of math, science, language arts, and social studies and play an important role in every school. We will provide baseline expectations for fine arts offerings across the city and expand programming.

    Expanded Access to Early Learning: To ensure every student enters school with a strong start, we’ll double down on our investment in early learning. Through expanded pre-K offerings, streamlined enrollment processes, and targeted informational campaigns, we’ll strive to get every eligible student enrolled in HISD pre-K programs.

    Expanded Access to Advanced Coursework: Advanced courses provide opportunities for students to challenge themselves academically while building the skills and mindsets necessary to be successful in college, career, and life. Yet, all too often, access to advanced courses depends on a school’s offerings, with major gaps in access at lower-performing schools. Centering our core value of Excellence for All Students, we’ll ensure each school provides a baseline set of advanced course offerings by investing district-wide in staff training and resources. We’ll ensure students are set up for success by building a pipeline of rigorous college preparatory courses from middle school through high school.

    Teacher Training and Support: By providing consistent instructional materials across Houston, we will be able to support teachers with high-quality, personalized professional development and coaching so that our teachers can focus on the important work of increasing student achievement for all students.