Effective Services and Supports for Students with Exceptional Needs

  • We commit to providing best-in-class services that increase achievement for students with exceptional needs. 

    There is no question that HISD must do better for students with specialized learning needs. While historic failures are well documented, we need to analyze the data and engage directly with the families and students we serve to create a path to change. It is our responsibility to address this challenge with openness and transparency while developing systems and structures that ensure student success.

    Proactive and Timely Communication: Families need to know what to expect throughout the special education process, how well schools are serving students with disabilities, and where to turn if they have questions or concerns. We will develop and distribute step-by-step guides in multiple home languages to help parents get their child the right services. We’ll ensure there are designated staff equipped to address parent questions and concerns in a timely manner. We’ll focus on providing an exceptional customer service experience for parents and students as they navigate special education processes at their campuses and through the district.

    Instructional Excellence to Meet Student Needs: Our vision is that every child in the district has the just-right supports that allow them to excel. Like a pair of glasses, these supports must follow a student wherever they are and sharpen their ability to learn in any environment. Every single teacher must be equipped to meet the diverse learning needs of their students. We’ll build out the staff and resources for targeted professional development and ongoing coaching.

    Systems to Ensure Quality and Compliance: In order to ensure student needs are met across all campuses in compliance with federal and state law, HISD must build strong systems for identifying student needs, monitoring service delivery and student progress, and addressing student and parent concerns. We’ll ensure every principal has the right training and guidance to understand and monitor compliance. We’ll ensure that each campus has designated leads with the right knowledge and expertise to support students with special needs, including coordinating evaluation and progress monitoring, coaching teachers, and communicating with parents.