December 2022 - TIA/T-Tess Updates

  • HISD continues to prepare to apply for Texas’ Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) by April 2023. TIA is a state program that supports the recruitment, retention, and placement of teachers through performance-based bonuses, particularly in high-needs districts (like HISD) and schools. HISD began to plan for a TIA application in Spring 2021. TIA will increase the total funds available in HISD for teacher compensation, support staff in schools where ongoing collaboration translates to student learning, and help us collectively ensure every child is served with excellence and equity.

    HISD plans a phased approach to TIA implementation over several years with the goal of having all teachers eventually eligible to be able to earn designation. In SY 2023-2024, teachers across HISD with designated assessments will be eligible to earn designation. In future years, TIA will expand to teachers across additional subjects and grade levels. Beginning in SY 2023-2024, teachers’ summative evaluation ratings will be determined by three components: formal T-TESS observation rubric scores (40%), student growth measures (40%), and student feedback surveys for eligible teachers (20%).

Stakeholder Engagement

  • TIA Staff Engagement Survey Findings

  • November Teacher Feedback Sessions

HISD TIA Planning Updates

  • Update on Phase 1 Campuses

  • Update on Student Growth Measures

  • HISD’s Spending Plan