Testing for Home-Schooled Students


    The dates of administration for each school year’s PSAT/NMSQT college placement exams are posted annually on the Calendar channel under “Testing Calendar.” The test is typically administered only once a year, generally in October.

    Home-schooled students who live near an HISD campus and would like to take the test at that school should contact the school directly as early as possible to make arrangements. Students who need assistance in locating a nearby campus that is administering the test can use this tool on the College Board Web site.

    For more information, visit the College Board Web site.

    STAAR/Other State-Funded Tests

    HISD does not administer state-funded tests to students who attend home schools, private schools, or state charter schools. However, if you wish to have your child take the test, you may contact the Texas Education Agency directly at 512-463-9734 and it can coordinate it.