• Preventing School Violence and Vandalism

    HISD schools are proud to be training fine, upstanding citizens. At one time or another, however, young people see or hear about something they know to be wrong, yet they face a dilemma in trying to decide what to do about it. The simplest solution is just to forget about the whole thing, but that is not the right thing to do, is it?

    The teachers and administrators in HISD understand the tug of war between peer pressure and the desire to do the right thing, and they have given students and parents a powerful, yet discreet tool to use in fighting wrong. It is the TipLine. When students see or hear about wrongful school-related activity—theft, vandalism, threats, etc.—all they have to do is pick up the telephone, call 713-641-7446, and report their concerns. If a student confides in his or her parents about something inappropriate happening at school, parents can phone the TipLine as well.

    The TipLine is in operation 24 hours per day, and all calls are totally confidential.

    Remember that number. One day it may come in handy in doing the right thing.