• HISD ALERTLINE   1-800-455-9551


    HISD is committed to conducting business while adhering to strict ethical and compliance standards. The district has an anonymous AlertLine, so that suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or any other concern about HISD practices can be reported.

    The 24-hour call center is monitored by a third-party expert, NAVEX Global, which provides complete anonymity to those who report suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or any other concern about HISD practices.

    Call toll-free (1-800-455-9551) to report behavior that does not follow proper HISD policies or guidelines. You can also ask questions regarding ethical dilemmas or district policies, procedures, or guidelines.

    Please note that retaliation against employees who file complaints or who assist the District in an investigation of a complaint is strictly prohibited.  Acts of retaliation will result in disciplinary action that may include termination.

    All callers who wish to remain anonymous may do so. Calls are not recorded or traced.

    How does the AlertLine work? NAVEX Global, the third-party vendor that operates the call center, routes the information obtained to the Office of Ethics and Compliance. Ethics and Compliance reports to the Audit Committee and the Board of Trustees through the Chief Audit Executive and is completely independent of the superintendent of schools and anyone in the administration. Ethics and compliance conducts an inquiry/investigation to search for root causes and takes the appropriate action to remediate the concern.

    Callers are encouraged to check back with the AlertLine using the report # and PIN # provided in order to:

    • Check the accuracy of their report.
    • View acknowledgement of their report.
    • Find out if additional information is needed to process their question/concern.
    • Provide additional information or documents.
    • View the status or updates to the inquiry/investigation.

    Continued follow-up on a matter is particularly important for anonymous reporters, since NAVEX Global has no other means to communicate with this type of caller.