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    The Houston Independent School District has created several Virtual Learning Options to help students in grades 7 - 12 succeed with online courses. These programs are monitored by the Houston ISD Virtual School Department, which was established in April 2000, and currently serves two essential functions in the district:

    1. Providing high quality on-line instructional courses to students within HISD and across the globe
    2. Assisting in the coordination, implementation, and oversight of online programs throughout the district such as:
      • Graduation Labs, and 
      • Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN)
      • Virtual School Tuition Program
      • Adult Online Courses for High School Completion
      • Texas Connections Academy @ Houston ISD

Enrollment and Payment

  • STEP 1: Parents and students must meet with the school counselor to have courses approved. The counselor approves by signing the Enrollment Form.

    STEP 2: Make your payment online by visiting our SchoolPay site

    STEP 3: Send an email with a legible copy of enrollment form and payment receipt to VSDEnrollments@Houstonisd.org

    Title your email: NEW ENROLLMENT FOR (Student Name)

    ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Wednesday of every week
    Start Date: Monday of the following week

    **We reserve the right to deny enrollment in a course through the Virtual School Department Tuition Based Program.**