Our Programs

  • The Virtual School Department oversees several distance learning programs in the Houston Independent School District. It is our responsibility to support and monitor the integrity, implementation, and operations of the district's online learning programs. However, some program specifications such as course availability, time restrictions, and enrollment processes may vary by campus.
    • Adult Online Courses for High School completion
      The HISD Virtual School Department and the HISD Federal and State Compliance Department have developed a program that allows students over the age of 21 a second chance at earning a high school diploma Please visit the AOC page for details.
      COST: $160.00 per ½ credit non-AP course only
    • Virtual School Department Tuition-Based Program
      This program offers a wide range of highly interactive online tuition-based courses for students in grades 7 through 12. Students must have access to a computer and the Internet. Students from other cities or states (as well as homebound or home-schooled students) may also register to take online courses through this program. For more information on the Virtual School call 713-556-7295, or email vschool@houstonisd.org.
      COST: $250 per ½ credit for AP Courses | $200.00 per ½ credit for non-AP courses
      **We reserve the right to deny enrollment in a course through the Virtual School Department Tuition Based Program.** 
    • HISD Graduation Labs
      Free online high school courses are available to HISD students through HISD Graduation Labs. Students can work on their courses during, before, or after school, as well as from home or anywhere with an Internet connection. For more information on this program, speak to your graduation coach or campus counselor.
      COST: Free to students in grades 9 - 12
    • Texas Virtual School Network
      The TxVSN offers a wide range of courses to high school students in HISD. For a list of courses, please visit http://www.txvsn.org and click on Course Catalog at the top. For a list of eligibility requirements and more information on this program, please visit http://www.txvsn.org, call 713-556-7295, or speak to your campus Graduation Coach or counselor.
      COST: Ranges from $250.00 – $450.00