Interested in HISD?

  • We're looking for the best and brightest who value what we believe sets HISD apart as a unique and remarkable place to work.
    Reputation for Innovation:
    A two-time Broad Prize winner, HISD is the nation's seventh largest school district, at the forefront of educational innovation and committed to getting results for every one of our students.

    Competitive Compensation Programs:
    At HISD, we offer a competitive professional salary, a generous benefits package and time off.

    Workforce Development:
    HISD values continuous learning and growth. We offer development opportunities ranging from individualized feedback and development, mentoring, and coaching for teachers to workshops and advanced degree programs for leaders and non-instructional staff.

    Shared Commitment to Excellence:
    Team HISD is made up of passionate and committed professionals who hold themselves to high expectations and believe without a doubt that every child can learn.

    Great Location:
    A family-friendly, multicultural city with a low cost of living and a thriving economy, Houston was recently ranked first on Forbes’ list of the coolest cities in America.
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HISD at a Glance

    • Largest school district in Texas
    • Eighth-largest school district in the United States
    • 274 schools
    • 8 early childhood
    • 160 elementary
    • 39 middle
    • 37 high
    • 30 combined/other
    • 194,607 students
    • 62.01% Hispanic
    • 22.19% African American
    • 4.45% Asian
    • 9.51% White
    • About 100 languages spoken
    • 79.17% economically disadvantaged