The Houston ISD Philosophy of Athletics



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     Athletics programming in the Houston Independent School District is an integral component of the total educational structure. Athletics offer positive and meaningful experiences that assist in enhancing the growth and development of young men and women in an environment where life responses are taught. Our primary goal is to create a teaching lab where student athletes flourish and commit to cooperative goals, learn perseverance, learn to accept winning and losing graciously, sacrifice for others, and cooperatively pursue victory. 


    Through the leadership of administrators and coaches, our programs place exponential value on the power of participation across all demographic subgroups. Within our educational setting, every effort will be made to provide athletic experiences for as many students as possible. We will strive to offer as many athletic teams as can be adequately coached, managed, and supported. Competitive teams will be selected on the basis of need, interests, and abilities, and student athletes will be placed on teams appropriate to those abilities. Sub-varsity teams will focus on player development, and varsity teams will focus on competing at the highest level. The coaching staff is responsible for player selection, and their decisions with regard to playing time, strategy, and team makeup is a decision they make based on their day-to-day interaction with student athletes.


    It is our expectation that the coaching staff will serve as positive role models who display in-depth knowledge of their activity. They must have the ability to teach, exhibit strong leadership, display ethical behavior, and possess an interest in the holistic development of their athletes. Winning championships will be a by-product of ethical coaching and healthy competition. Because athletics are not a diversion but an extension of the classroom, it elevates the academic curriculum and supports the academic mission of the school and  district. Here is a list of qualities that we strive to instill in all student athletes:


    • Goal-oriented
    • Competitive
    • Team player
    • Committed
    • Self-disciplined
    • Responsible
    • Strong work ethic
    • Self-confident
    • Accountable
    • Respect for self and others
    • Leadership
    • Ability to deal with adversity
    • Pride
    • Ability to communicate
    • Academic achievement 

    Our desire is that through their participation in sports, student athletes will have fun and build lifelong relationships. Their athletic endeavors will teach them how to release stress in a healthy manner and instill fitness for life as a core value. The ultimate product of this investment will be healthy adults who contribute to their communities in a positive way.