Transportation Operations

  • The Transportation Operations Section is comprised of over 950 employees whose primary responsibility is to directly transport students to school and related activities safely, timely and orderly.  The Transportation OperationsSection includes the bus drivers, bus attendants, transportation clerks, and managers.  Collectively, HISD Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants travel over 80,000 miles daily or roughly 15 million miles a year.

    Driving a school bus involves much more than merely driving a vehicle on highways and streets.  The school bus driver must also be responsible for the safety and welfare of children, must be a teacher by example, must promote good public relations and must understand how to properly use and care for the school bus, a complex and expensive piece of equipment. 

    All Houston ISD bus drivers are subject to the rules and regulations governing bus drivers, which are found in the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver’s Handbook, the Texas School Bus driving Training Course Handbook, all Federal and State of Texas Regulations as they are related to school bus transportation and the Houston ISD Board Policy.