Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Top FAQ’s

  • What are the numbers to contact the bus Terminal?

  • 1. What do I do if my child is lost?

  • 2. Why is my child's bus late?

  • 3. The bus did not come this morning, will it come this afternoon?

  • 4. My child is not appearing on the bus roster. Who do I contact?

  • 5. Do all grade levels ride on the same bus?

  • 6. Who can enter the bus?

  • 7. Can all siblings ride together, for example I have a child in Regular ED and one in Special ED?

  • 8. Can my child’s friend/family member ride the school bus with them?

  • 9. How will I be informed if the bus is late?

Routing Related Questions

  • 1. How can I request Transportation for my child?

  • 2. How long will it take for my child to receive transportation once the campus submits the request?

  • 3. I need to change my telephone number or my child's address, who do I inform?

  • 4. How long will it take for route changes to be processed.

  • 5. How far away are the stops from my address?

  • 6. Can my child have two different stops?

  • 7. When do the routes get updated and will I be informed by the school or Transportation?

Safety Related Questions

  • 1. Do all HISD buses have seatbelts?

  • 2. My Special Needs child is in a wheelchair, and its currently broken. What should I do?

  • 3. There are many stray/unleashed dogs by child’s stop what do I do?

  • 4. Do your buses drive on freeways/highways?

  • 5. Do HISD buses have EZ-Tag?

  • 6. How can I track my student on the school bus?

  • 7. Does HISD have safety camera on their school buses?

  • 8. Do HISD buses Have AC units?

  • 9. What can I do about buses are speeding down my street?


  • 1. My child’s bus was involved in an accident, who can I call for information?

  • 2. My child left their phone, tablet, computer…. How can I receive that item?

  • 3. What happens if my child got on the wrong bus?

  • 4. My child was involved in a fight on the bus, how can I view the bus footage?

  • 5. Someone touched my child inappropriately on the bus. What do I need to do?

  • 6. My child is being bullied on the bus, what should I do?

  • 7. My child was sent to the hospital from a bus accident/incident, how do I find which one he was sent to?