Core Initiative 2: Effective Principal in Every School Page

  • our goal HISD has a tradition of decentralizing decisions to the school level, which is emerging nationally as a best practice. However, our current systems do not support a consistent standard of excellence in school leadership. Many of our principals have excelled with little oversight and support from the central office, but many others have not. Our goal is to ensure that our principals are empowered instructional leaders and decision-makers with clear expectations. We know that with the right supports and standards, principals are best positioned to improve the quality of instruction within schools and strengthen parent and community engagement.

    In order to increase the number of effective principals in our schools, we will focus on the following key strategies:

    1. Designing and implementing a rigorous, fair principal appraisal system

    2. Creating clear standards and recommended practices to guide decision making

    3. Instituting stronger principal-recruiting practices

    4. Implementing a more robust instructional leadership development program

    5. Developing standards and supports for safe, secure, and healthy school environments

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