• A Message from the Virtual School Department:

    Many students choose to complete courses online because it provides an added convenience and flexibility they need in order to carry out other responsibilities, such as work, caring for a family member, participating in other campus activities, among other obligations.

    It is our desire to provide every student the flexibility they need while completing rigorous courses online; however, we must emphasize on the student’s responsibility to complete the course in a timely and efficient manner.

    One of the greatest benefits of completing courses online is that the student is able to take control of their education and decide when, and where to study and work on the online course. However, it is important to consider the level of distractions around the student, and try to avoid them as much as possible. It is a best practice to set aside a time to work on the course every day. Consider it official class time, and create a disciplined schedule in order to focus only on the online course.

    At the Virtual School Department, Course Participation is a combined behavior of logging in to the course on a regular basis, reviewing instructions, participating in discussion forum, and submitting assignments to be graded either by the system, such as automatically graded quizzes and tests, or by the teacher, such as practice, journals, discussions, and unit tests. Communication with the teacher, and seeking support from the teacher is also an essential part of Course Participation.

    Time management skills are one of the most important attributes a successful online student can posses. Your involvement is greatly appreciated and will provide another level of support for your child.

    Please work with and encourage your child to work in the course on a daily basis.

    Thank you,
    Virtual School Department