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  • Campus-based designees and FACE specialists may utilize this library to access family and community engagement resources from other school districts, non-profits and think-tanks around the nation.
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Parent Resources

Title Organization Purpose
Parenting Information Handouts Center for Effective Parenting These Center for Effective Parenting (CEP) handouts have been written for parents on a variety of topics.
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Hispanic Scholarship Fund The Hispanic Scholarship Fund collaborates with foundations, institutions and other partners in the non-profit sector at every level in order to advance our urgent mission of reversing the pattern of Latino under-education
Password for HISD Online Resources Library Services Passwords and Usernames for HISD Resources access from home
PBS Parent Resource Site PBS Provide resources for parents to extend learning at home
Texas PTA PTA Visit the Texas PTA site to lean more about PTA in the Lone Star State
PTA Programs in Texas PTA Visit this link to view the various programs available to make every child's potential a reality
PTA: Under The Dome PTA Learn about news and events taking place that affect education; visit PTA's site Under the Dome
Using Social Media for PTA Communications PTA Communicating with members effectively using social media.
National Standards for Family-School Partnerships PTA Presenting the 6 standards for Family-School Partnerships
National PTA PTA Increasing PTA Awareness and Advocacy for Children
Family Engagement Programs PTA Increasing family engagement through effective tips, suggestions and available programs
Secrets That Build Involvement PTO Today Savvy tips and tricks to get parents more interested in volunteering, and get more out of them when they do.
Making the Case for Parental Involvement PTO Today When parents participate in the educational process, kids do better in school. Here’s how to tell parents what they need to know.
File Exchange: Grab a File, Share a File PTO Today Save time (and tap in to tons of new ideas) by sharing and swapping documents with hundreds of other PTO and PTA leaders!
Just a PTO? Say It Isn't So! PTO Today Don't downplay the work you do. Parent groups play an important role in helping students and teachers succeed.
Stop the PTO Drama PTO Today Drama seems like a fact of PTO life—but it doesn’t have to be.
40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents Search Institute Search Institute has identified the following building blocks of healthy development—known as Developmental Assets—that help young children grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.
Parent Involvement Resources Texas: Region 16 Education Service Center Additional resource links for parental involvement
Back to School Tips for Parents US Department of Education Back to school tips/suggestions for parents to help their students.
¡Gradúate! Financial Aid Guide to Success White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics The Initiative has created the ¡Gradúate! Financial Aid Guide to Success (Guide) to help Hispanic students and families navigate the college application process.

School Resources

Title Organization Purpose
Culturally Responsive Parental Involvement Guide American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education A guidebook to help parents, guardians and custodians of students to be culturally responsive.
Growing Up in Houston: Children at Risk Children at Risk Measures quality of life indicators for children in/around the city of Houston.
The Digital Public Library of America Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Beginning in the 1990's, the DPLA is a project supported and funded by numerous groups in the US to "educate, inform and empower everyone in current and future generations."
Top Twitter Feeds in Education Policy EducationNext Sharing resource for Twitter feeds regarding education policy in the US
Family Leadership Tips and Suggestions Intercultural Development Research Association IDRA helps empower families to support students, take actions at school and increase engagement.
Parent Involvement Research Minnesota Parent Center Family involvement and parent support materials.
Engaging Fathers (Best Practices) National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement View examples from one Head Start/Early Head Start program of ways to engage fathers in their children's learning and healthy development.
School-Parent Compact National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education Action Guide for Parents and Community Leaders.
Latino Kids Data Visualization National Council of La Raza Demographic data represented for the US (available by state level)
The Power of Family School Community Partnerships Manual National Education Association Resource Training Manual.
How to Start a PTO PTO Today Step-by-step tips for getting a new parent group up and running at your school.
TEA Publications for Purchase Texas Education Agency Provide schools (or parents) resources for purchase.
School Support Resources Texas: Region 16 Education Service Center Additional resource links for school support
Highly Effective Teaching Education Model The Center for Effective Learning The Highly Effective Teaching model is a brain-compatible model grounded in the biology of learning, effective instructional strategies, and the development of conceptual curriculum.
Family Engagement Capacity Building Framework US Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement (Dr. Karen Mapp) Building Capacity Framework

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