North Forest: Frequently Asked Questions

I live in the North Forest school district and I’m trying to enroll my child in school for next year. I would like to enroll her in a specific school. How can I enroll her in that school?
HISD is working to fully include all of the residences located in the North Forest area into the school zone database for the 2013-2014 school year. Final decisions regarding school zones should be completed by mid-June. All students in HISD can attend their zoned neighborhood school or take advantage of the many school choice options. As soon as further information is available, it will be advertised in the community and posted on this website along with useful forms, dates, and contacts. In preparation for enrollment, parents/guardians should have available the necessary documents: a birth certificate for the student or other official identification; a copy of the student’s social security card if available, the student’s immunization record, proof of residency, and the most current school records. If the student is receiving any special services such as Special Education or 504, it is necessary to share that information at the time of enrollment so we can assure continuity of services. Beginning in June, HISD will conduct enrollment events to be sure that all North Forest area students are registered before the first day of school.
Will North Forest students be eligible to play sports in HISD schools?
For the 2013-14 school year, North Forest students will be considered in compliance with the UIL Varsity Athletic Parent Residence Rule at the first school selected if he/she transfers at the first opportunity. North Forest students attending Houston ISD schools must complete the UIL Varsity Eligibility Questionnaire and Sections I and II of the Previous Athletic Participation Form (PAPF). The PAPF is due to the District Executive Committee Chair no later than 30 days from the date Houston ISD officially accepts the annexation of North Forest ISD. The Previous Athletic Participation Forms must be submitted to and signed by the Chairperson of the applicable District Executive Committee prior to varsity athletic participation. Section III of the PAPF does not have to be completed for North Forest students.
Will North Forest G/T identified students receive G/T services in HISD?
Yes, G/T students of North Forest families who are identified as G/T qualify for the Vanguard Program in HISD. Gifted & Talented identification documentation (Public Education Information Management System, PEIMS) is required. All students who enroll in a Vanguard Program are required to complete an entrance agreement which stipulates the expected commitment for the student, parent, and teacher. Parents are assured that all currently G/T identified North Forest students will receive G/T instruction by a G/T trained teacher.
I am a North Forest resident who will need to enroll my grandchildren in an HISD school because their parents cannot. I don’t have legal guardianship of them. How can I enroll my grandchildren?
Students who do not live with a parent or legal guardian will need to be attached to an adult care-taker. This is usually a relative, but may be a friend or neighbor. In such cases we ask that the care-taking adult complete a form called Determination of Residence of a Minor. HISD uses that form to establish the residence of the student with a non-custodial adult. This form is not necessary for students over the age of 18 since adult students can determine their own residence. At the time of completing the form, the care-taking adult should bring along any documentation, such as letters from the parent, temporary placement notices from a state agency, or any pending court proceedings. Even if there is no documentation, the care-taking adult can simply explain the situation in order to complete the form.
I’ve heard that North Forest property taxes will go up once the annexation occurs. Is that true?
This is not true. The Houston Independent School District has the lowest tax rate among the two dozen school districts within Harris County, including North Forest. The owner of a home in North Forest valued at $100,000 should expect to pay about $400 less per year in property taxes once the North Forest community becomes part of HISD.
The North Forest annexation is part of a takeover attempt by HISD. True or false?
HISD did not seek to have North Forest ISD closed. This recommendation was first made by former Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott, and subsequently enforced by current Education Commissioner Michael Williams. Both commissioners cited longstanding concerns about North Forest ISD student achievement and financial practices as reasons for their recommendation.
How can I find out what HISD school my child will be attending this fall?
HISD is in the process of determining which schools will serve students in the area for the 2013-2014 school year. As soon as that work is complete, the district will produce maps of the school zones to share with the public. The HISD website also has a school-zone search tool which informs parents of the schools zoned to a particular address.
Will any students be allowed to attend school at existing North Forest campuses or will they be bused to the closest HISD campus?
Students are always eligible and welcomed at their zoned schools. All students in HISD enjoy a system of school choice. Many families choose to attend a school-of-choice in order to participate in a special program, such as a Magnet Program. Some families prefer for their children to attend school close to a parent’s work location or for some other reason. Students participating in most program-based transfers are eligible for school bus transportation. Students who are attending schools based only on space-availability are not eligible for school bussing.
My child currently is in the 8th grade in North Forest ISD and I am interested in having her attend high school at one of HISD's magnet programs. How do we apply?
There is an application process for Magnet Programs. The application and more information can be found at Some high schools may have limited spaces available, while others may require special testing.
Will NFISD parents be able to transfer their child to a campus they are not zoned to attend?
Transfers are available for students wishing to attend specialized schools or programs, and for those with special circumstances.
Will all current North Forest principals and staff members be offered a position at HISD for the upcoming school year?