Earn up to $160 in the HISD HealthyWage weight loss challenge

Get ready to lose the extra pounds you might have gained over the holidays, and make money for doing it. Take part in the HISD HealthyWage weight loss challenge, and you’ll do more than go down a notch or two on your belt. You’ll also earn up to $160, deposited right into your paycheck.

Here’s how it works.

  • Sign up at HealthyWage
  • Complete an initial weigh-in at one of our participating sites at the beginning of February
  • Work toward a monthly weight loss goal of four pounds or more, from February through May
  • Weigh in at the end of each month
  • If you reach or surpass your monthly goal, you earn $40 extra on your paycheck
  • If you miss your goal one month, that’s okay. Just try again the following month
  • You can only qualify for one milestone per month, which encourages the slow and steady weight loss that’s best for keeping the extra pounds off long-term

If you’ve previously participated in a HealthyWage program, sign in using your email address and password, click Add Employer under the list of available challenges, then choose Houston ISD. You’ll automatically be directed to the 4 for $40 challenge.

That’s all there is to it. If you’d benefit from the support of losing weight in a group, you can sign up with your coworkers in teams of five to participate in other challenges for additional special prizes.

Nurses will conduct weigh-ins at some campuses. If your campus isn’t one of those locations, you can weigh in at an HISD Health and Wellness Center or a number of other sites, including fitness centers, as arranged by HealthyWage.

All active HISD employees are eligible to participate. Click here for more details, including a list of participating weigh-in locations, frequently asked questions and challenge rules.