Burbank MS Plants Pinwheels for Peace

A dynamic and colorful display for International Peace Day

September 25, 2012

On Friday, more than 1,000 students at Burbank Middle School created a dynamic and colorful display for International Peace Day.

The students created pinwheels using simple materials such as pins, paper, and pencils. As songs such as Give Peace a Chance and Imagine played, students filed in from all corners of the school, located their teacher’s name and planted their pinwheels in the ground, forming a giant peace symbol. Many of the students spontaneously gravitated to each other and formed a peace sign themselves, with teachers and staff joining in the celebration.

“We are hopeful that these simple pinwheels represent our dedication to promoting peace and understanding,” Burbank Principal Rosa Hernandez said. “We want them to symbolize an end to the violence and the bullying as well as our commitment to encouraging and helping each other every day.”

Since its inception by the United Nations in 1981, International Peace Day has grown to include millions around the world who organize acts of peace in their local communities as a way to foster world peace.