Attend Free College/Career Readiness Events in Oct.

Many free activities throughout the month for students and parents

October 10, 2012

Watch this episode of HISD's "Take 5" to learn more about events happening at HISD during the month of October for College and Career Awareness month from Houston ISD on Vimeo.

October means more than just a change in seasons and cooler temperatures. At HISD, it marks an entire month dedicated to college and career readiness, an effort to further promote college and career readiness district-wide.

Throughout the month of October, all HISD schools, staff, students, and parents will be able to participate in a variety of activities that will provide more information on how to become college and/or career ready, how to get into the top Ivy League Schools, how to land high-paying careers, and much more.

In addition, all HISD staff members are encouraged to wear college T-shirts every Wednesday in October and share their college academic experiences with HISD students throughout the month.

All HISD college and career readiness events throughout the month are free and open to all students and staff. For more information, click HERE. (

Calendar of Events and Activities

Are you ready for a great job? Parent/Student Info Sessions

o Who: All HISD students and parents

o Fee: FREE to all participants

o What: The HISD CCR Team will present information relative to a specific industry that will help students and parents to make the best choices.

o Time/Location: All sessions will run from 6 – 8 PM in the HMW Board Auditorium on the following dates:

• Energy/Oil: 10/1/12

• Health Professions: 10/8/12

• Aerospace/Aviation: 10/15/12

• Information Technology: 10/22/12

10/17/12: PSAT/NMSQT Testing

o Who: All 9th-, 10th- and 11th-graders’ test

o Fee: HISD covers the expense for all 9th- & 10th-graders. HISD high school campuses must make arrangements to test all 11th-graders.

o What: The PSAT/NMSQT is a national college readiness assessment that prepares students for the SAT, gives them access to My College QuickStart and identifies Juniors with high scores for possible National Merit recognition.

10/17/12: ReadiStep Test

o Who: All 8th graders test

o Fee: HISD covers the expense for all 8th-graders.

o What: The ReadiStep exam is a low-stakes test that provides schools with general information on students’ college readiness.

10/24/12: All Academy Night

o Who: All HISD parents and students interested in learning more about the armed forces.

o Fee: FREE to all participants

o Time/Location: 6 – 8 PM, HMW Board Auditorium/Foyer

o What: All Academy Night provides students and parents with information directly related to joining the armed forces during and after high school.