Briargrove ES Using New Software to Improve, Streamline Communications

LivingTree program helps campus consolidate online resources, shorten volunteer response times

November 19, 2012

HISD’s Briargrove Elementary School is collaborating with an Austin-based technology company to facilitate communications between campus administrators, teachers, and parents via the web and mobile devices.

The campus has been acting as the beta testing site of a new software developed by LivingTree, which was created to establish a more-integrated approach to the many platforms through with parents and educators send and receive information about students. Its goal is to eliminate the repetition that can sometimes occur between schedule management, bookmarked websites, and email communications between parents, schools/teachers, and leagues/coaches.

“LivingTree has consolidated the many individual classroom websites, blogs, calendars, and information sites into a simple, one-stop spot that is accessible from any computer, iPad, or iPhone,” said Briargrove Elementary Principal Eden Jones. “By eliminating the paper trails, our school can make sure information makes it home each and every time in an efficient manner. LivingTree has also improved the volunteerism and support for our students and teachers. When a message with a need is sent out, within minutes, there is a response.”

LivingTree representatives say that Briargrove’s feedback has been invaluable to improving its product. “We couldn't be more excited,” said LivingTree Co-Founder Cullen Childress. “Eden and the team are such forward-thinkers, and the entire school has quickly embraced this new paradigm of collaboration. The level of connection being created between parents, the classroom, and the school has exceeded all of our expectations.”

For more information on this partnership, please visit Briargrove ES on YouTube to watch two related videos.