‘Dogs of Character’ Teach Students About Anti-Bullying

Canines share stories of tolerance and empathy with River Oaks Elementary students

December 04, 2012

River Oaks students met five brave dogs during two school assemblies on Friday, Nov. 30. These canines provided students with living examples of perseverance, courage, hope and forgiveness.

Dogs of Character is an anti-bullying presentation taught by rescued dogs in which each dog in the cast is a working assistant in the award-winning character education program The Healing Species. Each dog brings a message that addresses bullying, at-risk behavior, diversity, and tolerance and empathy for others. Through the program, children identify and relate to their own issues and challenges.

“The Dogs of Character program is a perfect fit for our school because the dogs and the people who rescue them are living examples of what it means to exhibit respect, empathy, caring, and open-mindedness,” said River Oaks Elementary Assistant Principal Dottie Lawrence.

Quincy, the first “presenter,” helped teach students to speak out if they are being abused as Quincy himself was abused as a puppy. Lilly, a shy pit bull, taught students to be accepting of others and to not judge a book by its cover.

“Our students loved the presentation, and it raised their awareness of ways to demonstrate character by taking action in the community,” Lawrence said.

The Dogs of Character travel throughout Texas giving presentations to schoolchildren. For more information, visit www.dogsofcharacter.com.