National School Counseling Week is February 7–11

Please take a moment to express your thanks to these dedicated professionals

February 02, 2011
If a school counselor has ever helped you to calm an anxious student, console a grieving child, or help a family in distress, then take a moment during the first full week of February to thank him or her.

February 7–11 is National School Counseling Week, so please join the Houston Independent School District in recognizing the unique contribution to the academic success and personal well-being of our students that district counselors make each and every day—because school counselors do more than just talk to kids who are feeling bad or upset. They also help families find solutions to vexing real-life problems, and point them towards additional resources that they might not be aware of in the community, especially when more intensive or long-term counseling is needed than can be offered in a school environment.
School counselors really care for Houston's kids—and they deserve our thanks. So please take a moment to express yours.

For more information, visit the Web site for the American School Counselor Association.