HISD and College Board Roll Out New College Awareness Campaign

"Five Ways Ed Pays" highlights benefits students can reap from obtaining a four-year college degree

May 04, 2011
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On May 4, 2011, HISD Superintendent of Schools Terry B. Grier and College Board Advocacy & Policy Center Vice President Christen Pollock rolled out a new college awareness campaign to promote the value of higher education.

As a part of that effort, the College Board purchased ads on 50 district school buses. The initiative is the first advertising campaign to appear there.

"Our students need to see what the research shows about the difference a college degree will make in their lives," said Dr. Grier. "It's one thing to tell them, but it just carries more weight when you have the data to back that up."

The Houston Independent School District is the first district in the country to partner with the College Board on this awareness campaign, dubbed "Five Ways Ed Pays." It highlights a number of benefits that students can reap from obtaining a four-year college degree, including better health, greater wealth, and more job security.

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