What Should Your Child Know? Curriculum Department Provides Answers

Literacy and Numeracy Blueprints describe key skills for students in kindergarten through grade 8

June 21, 2011

  • At what age should a child know how to compute fractions?
  • When should he or she be able to write an opinion essay citing evidence from a source document?

If you’ve ever wondered about what skills students are expected to have mastered by the end of a particular school year, HISD has the answers.

The district’s Curriculum Department has created a series of “Literacy and Numeracy Blueprints” in English and Spanish to identify key skills and concepts that students in kindergarten through grade 8 should know.

These documents also suggest a number of ways parents and teachers can support students’ academic success—from reading aloud to kindergarten students to asking eighth-graders for help in comparing sale prices at the grocery store to calculate potential savings.

To see all of the Literacy and Numeracy Blueprints, please visit the Curriculum website.