HISD Launches New Appraisal and Development System for Teachers

School Improvement Officers are among the first to receive training on new system

June 01, 2011

HISD is conducting the first training sessions for administrators who will roll out the district’s new appraisal and development system for teachers. The system, approved by the Board of Education in May, will rate teachers based on multiple measures in three major categories: professional expectations, instructional practice, and student performance. School Improvement Officers, who serve as coaches and supervisors for HISD principals, are attending the first round of training workshops to learn about the elements of the new system. They will then lead training sessions for principals, assistant principals, magnet coordinators, and instructional coordinators, who will serve as teacher appraisers.

"We are giving (appraisers) the tools they need to go in and give teachers constructive feedback," School Improvement Officer Jocelyn Mouton explained. The new system is closely tied to the Strategic Direction’s first core initiative—an effective teacher in every classroom. It is designed to provide a complete overall picture of a teacher’s performance, and will reflect, in part, how well teachers are helping students make academic progress from year to year.

Assistant Superintendent of Accountability and Rewards Bill Horwath said the system serves as the centerpiece of a larger effort to boost student achievement. “The great thing about where we are in HISD is that we are rolling out a new evaluation system and we are doing it along with a new professional development model for teachers, a new recruitment and selection strategy for teachers, and a new appraisal system for school leaders.”