HISD Students Speak Their Minds at Superintendent’s Live Forum

Topics range from cafeteria food to construction

September 29, 2011

HISD Superintendent of Schools Terry B. Grier hosted a live student forum on September 28, and more than 50 seniors from 28 high schools visited the district’s headquarters that day to discuss the organization’s progress and challenges.

The unscripted, town-hall-style forum was broadcast live on HISD-TV that afternoon, and topics ranged from simple subjects such as cafeteria food and air conditioning to students’ anxieties about the new STAAR exams and how budget cuts are affecting their teachers.

“I love talking to students,” said Dr. Grier, “because they’ll tell you the truth about what’s going on in schools.”

After asking the superintendent questions about AP classes, the district’s “Cool to Be Smart” initiative, and other subjects, many participating students dubbed the event a success.

“I think it went amazing,” said Davis High School senior Teylor Keels. “The fact…we get to talk about the things that we are going through is really good.”

“I like the fact that he is taking time to talk to us,” added Furr High School senior Linzhe Real. “Like he said, (we are) the ones that would be most affected by all the changes…(to the) district.”

The live student forum kicked off the upcoming series of Community Conversations in October, when Dr. Grier will personally visit six locations throughout the city to discuss the progress made since the Board of Education adopted HISD’s Strategic Direction a year ago.
Click here to watch the entire hour-long show.