Teachers, Appraisers to Start Setting Goals During Month of October

Conferences are part of district's new Teacher Appraisal and Development System

September 28, 2011

An ancient Roman philosopher once observed that the reason many plans fail is they lack a clear goal for which to aim. “When a man does not know what harbor he is making for,” Seneca said, “no wind is the right wind.”

That’s why over the next few weeks, HISD teachers will be meeting with appraisers to start finalizing individual development plans and determining goals for the school year as a part of the district’s new Teacher Appraisal and Development System.

The goal-setting conferences will be the first of three such meetings scheduled throughout the school year to allow teachers and appraisers to discuss and review the teachers’ performance and progress.

As more and more HISD educators receive training on the new system, district administrators continue to hear that attendees find the instruction both useful and informative. Many applaud the changes they’ve noticed, such as more professional development opportunities, regular feedback from appraisers, and clearer expectations. Teachers say they feel that HISD is invested in their success, and they welcome the opportunity to take advantage of the support and resources that the system offers.

“Life is designed for change, challenges, and conquering,” explained Fondren Middle School math teacher Veronica Perry. “Teachers will embrace the new system because the changes and challenges have been clearly articulated, accomplished administrators will serve as great supporters in teacher development, and most importantly, our students will reach unimaginable levels of academic excellence.”