Give a Year, Change a Life: Become an Apollo 20 Math Fellow!

Numbers show that Apollo 20 students are making significant gains on the TAKS

September 27, 2011
UPDATE 11-10-11: The number of Math Fellows still needed is 7.


HISD is once again seeking energized and motivated candidates to join Team HISD’s Apollo 20 initiative!

On May 26, Superintendent of Schools Terry B. Grier announced that HISD students had made significant gains on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills—and nowhere was that improvement more evident than in the nine schools that just concluded year one of the three-year Apollo 20 school turnaround program.

A cadre of college-educated math fellows helped contribute to that increase in student performance—and now the district needs 166 7 more tutors, with the expansion of the program into 11 elementary schools during the 2011–2012 academic year.
To apply or for more information, visit the Math Fellows website.