HISD School Bus Drivers Take a Stand Against Bullying

Training and positive student engagement pave the way for a better ride to school

November 01, 2011

On October 31, Houston Independent School District bus drivers announced their renewed efforts to promote school bus safety by taking a stand against bullying on buses. The ongoing effort was spurred as a part of School Bus Safety Week, held earlier this month.

This week, HISD school bus drivers will learn strategies for creating a positive bus climate by establishing clear expectations and understanding the importance of consistency in discipline for riders. Bus drivers will also receive tips on how to respond to bullying behavior while the bus is in motion and while the bus is stopped.

HISD buses will be fitted with signage that makes it clear to students that bullying will not be tolerated.

HISD Transportation Project Manager Deborah Williams has a strong commitment to this project. As a driver she has witnessed first-hand the impact of bullying on children.

“For many children, riding the school bus is a great part of their education experience,” said Williams. “We want all HISD children to feel comfortable and safe on our school buses.”

Buses provide a small, enclosed space where victims of bullying have little opportunity for retreat. They often have no choice but to ride the bus, making them easy and regular targets. Bullying experiences include not only physical aggression, but also teasing, taunting, spreading rumors, and socially rejecting and isolating other students.

School bus drivers and students who ride buses will be encouraged to take a pledge against bullying.