Virtual Schools

  • HISD offers several options to students who wish to complete courses online.VS logo

    • HISD’s own Virtual School Department offers a wide range of highly interactive online tuition-based courses for grades 7–12. Students must have access to a computer and the Internet. Students from other cities or states (as well as homebound or home-schooled students) may also register to take online courses through this program. For more information on Virtual Schools, call 713-556-7295.
    • The HISD Virtual School Department and the HISD Federal and State Compliance Department have developed a program that provides adult students a second chance at earning a high school diploma. This program is only available to previous HISD students. Prospective students must contact and meet with Cynthia Nemons in the HISD Federal and State Compliance Department. Call Inactive Student Records at 713-556-6744 to make an appointment. Please click here for detailed information.
    • The Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) offers a wide range of courses to eligible HISD students. For a list of courses, please click here and select Course Catalog. For a list of eligibility requirements and more information on this program, please call 713-556-7295.
    • Free online high school courses are available to HISD students through HISD Graduation Labs. Students can work on their courses before or after school, as well as from home or anywhere with an Internet connection. For more information on this program, click the link above or ask your campus counselor.
    • The Advanced Virtual Academy combines regular classes with virtual courses. This Academy offers a flexible attendance schedule, for students age 16 to 26 years of age.
    • The Texas Connections Academy @ Houston is part of a free, statewide virtual school program serving grades 3–12. Students receive free learning materials (textbooks, etc.) and support from Texas-certified teachers. Eligible students may also obtain a loaned computer and a subsidy for Internet service. For more information about the Connections Academy, call 800-382-6010.
    • In addition, HISD has been offering Driver’s Education to eligible students through a special arrangement with, which gives students a $15 discount off the regular fee and their corresponding high schools a $20 donation for each student who signs up online.