Grading Formula for Online Courses

  • All final course grades are calculated by the Virtual School Department eTeacher assigned to the course using a standard formula of 75/25.

    • Coursework is worth 75% of the course grade
    • The final exam is worth 25% of the course grade

    This formula is the same for all course regardless of the platform on which they are completed. However, consider the following information when receiving weekly progress reports for students completing courses through APEX Learning.

    While working on a course in APEX you will see:

    • The "Quality of Grade", which is a reflection of the work submitted by the student and graded by the computer or eTeacher.
    • The "Grade to Date" is a representation of the grades, with zeros factored in for any overdue assignments, and those pending a grade.
      • If course dates are applied, you will see a different grade when some assignments are overdue
      • If you see the same grade for both (grade to date and quality of grade)
        • either you are on task and are not missing any work and everything is graded
        • or your course does not have assigned due dates (Contact the eteacher to have due dates assigned to make sure the student is on task at all times)
    • Please note, your Final Course Grade will be calculated at 75/25; 75% of your grade is your coursework, and 25% of your grade is the final exam.
      • This calculation is not reflected on the APEX Grade Book and the final grade might vary once the 75/25 grading formula is applied.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Virtual School Department at 713-556-7295 or at