Facilities Services - Administration

  • Facilities
    Facilities Services provides a variety of services that support all FS departments from customers at our schools, to budgeting, to professional development for each FS employee throughout the district.
    Customer Support Center
    The Customer Support Center is a 24/7 operation. It serves as the initial point of contact for schools and facilities reporting maintenance requests, placing fire alarm systems on test and provides Security Access as well as Security Reports. Please call (713) 556-9400 

    or send an email to CFSCustomerService@houstonisd.org 

    to reach the Customer Support Center.
    Training and Professional Development
    The Training staff is charged primarily with providing FS employees opportunities for professional development training in their assigned job duties, areas of craft specialization, and elective skills development.
    The Professional Development Department understands that the quality of life for FS, and all of its departments, is dependent upon the magnitude and quality of training designed to develop the potential of all personnel. We are committed to provide technical skill development for maintenance and crafts personnel, management development for administrative personnel, health and safety awareness, and skills development for administrative support staff.  Customer satisfaction is the primary focus for each administrative level. Training staff members ensure employee participation in instructional activities to enhance job performance.