• Computer Class
    "Supérate y Triunfa"
    Last March 1, 2017, was a very happy day for a group of our parents. They had completed their "Introduction to Computers" class and were about to receive their diplomas. This introductory class which was held here at Burbank, is sponsored by the organization "Supérate y Triunfa" at no cost to us or our parents. "Supérate y Triunfa" is a non-profit organization which offers this and many other classes and services to our Hispanic community. As stated in their mission, they aim "to make Hispanic integration a success, educating low-income Hispanic parents, and empowering them to become strong and vibrant in their communities." Please click here to access their website and obtain more information.
    Their teacher Mrs. Blanca Reyes as well as Ms. Rosa in representation of Ms. Cortina, congratulated them on their achievement and encouraged them to continue learning and participating in these opportunities to empower themselves. After they proudly posed for pictures with their diplomas, they sat down to enjoy a delicious pot-lock luncheon together.
    It was a most delightful afternoon, one that we hope to repeat as we have more classes such as this one in the future.